Koh Samui Recommended Spas & Massage Parlour

In the last few years Koh Samui has become increasingly popular as a Spa destination, so much so that it is now deservedly recognised as a major spa centre in the region. With more spas opening every year a Samui Spa Association has been formed in order to maintain high standards and further enhance the islands growing reputation. What follows is just a selection of the world class spa facilities available on Samui, a visit to any one of which will leave you feeling relaxed rejuvenated and perhaps even a few years younger.

Swasana Spa

Whenever you feel the need to slow down, create space and find solitude to recharge, there are not many better places to do so than Swasana Spa, a true boutique spa. While not having the widest range of spa treatments, the ones it does offer are of the highest standard, and at very reasonable rates. Whether you opt for air conditioned comfort or prefer to be outside in the spa garden you are guaranteed a rewarding experience. You can even combine your treatment with an evening enjoying the finest spa cuisine at the highly acclaimed Tamarind restaurant.

Is Spa

“Discover Heaven’s Secret” at Is Spa. The air conditioned treatment rooms, located amidst tropical flower gardens, each reflect a particular season through the use of different colours and d├ęcor. Their oil massage therapy offers a selection of 16 essential oils to choose from, and the therapists are highly knowledgeable in the benefits and characteristics of each. This fully equipped spa has all the facilities you would expect of a top spa with Jacuzzi, bathtubs and steam rooms. Perhaps their most notable treatment is the Hot Stone Massage where perfectly smooth hot stones are placed on various energy points on the body to stimulate and detoxify your system.

Peace Tropical Spa

Peace Tropical Spa naturally enough can be found at Peace Resort in Bophut. It is the perfect environment to relax and allow yourself to be pampered in a uniquely Thai style setting, using treatments and natural ingredients inspired by traditional herbal medicines. There is a full range of treatments available which can be selected individually or as part of a package. Why not try the Volcanic Clay Wrap which promises to help shed those extra pounds, and firm up those parts that need firming! Something we could all do with from time to time.

Tamarind Springs

Tamarind Springs is especially renowned for its extraordinary herbal steam room. Known locally as the “Dragon’s Cave”, it is set between two boulders whose rocky sides serve as walls, beside a waterfall-fed plunge pool. The names of the treatments alone sound inviting, with “Back to Bliss” and “Stoned on Samui” to mention but two. Whatever package you opt for will find the therapists are expertly trained and accommodating to your specific needs. Certain treatments require prior booking so be sure to check out their website to find out exactly what appeals to you. It is even possible to book accommodation at one of their eight luxurious tropical villas.

Prana Spa

Prana Spa is located in the quite beautiful Tongsai Bay Resort overlooking its own private bay. The three spa suites are located in their own individual cottage affording the utmost in privacy, each containing herbal steam room and open air floral bath as well as massage and treatment beds. The body treatments at Prana emphasize the use of local herbs and natural ingredients, such as coconut oil and flesh in the Samui Sun Soothe for sunburnt skin. Amongst the packages on offer is the “Return to Prana” for couples, which involves a series of exotic relaxing experiences including the application of Honey Bath Cream to one another!

Save Your Pockets on Tropical Island Vacation Deals

Caribbean Island is one of the best tropical islands for spending your vacation. There are many tropical vacation deals offered by various companies dealing with tropical travel packages. Caribbean islands offer you the best way to escape out of the monotonous, hectic, everyday life and rejuvenate and charge yourself up for the days ahead. One can save a considerable amount on the hotel on this mesmerizing Island. There are fantastic discounting deals available on the advance booking of the hotels:

Sunset Jamaica Grande Spa and Conference Centre in Ocho Rios, Jamaica – This is an all-inclusive resort which offers 70% discount.

Sugar Bay Resort & Spa in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands – This is one of the best resorts in St. Thomas offering a discount of 69%.

Sunset Beach Resort & Spa in Montego Bay, Jamaica – It is the largest all-inclusive boutique hotel in Mobay where one can avail a discount of 65%.

Jewel Runaway Bay Beach & Golf Resort Runaway Bay, Jamaica – This is an all-inclusive resort where you would save you 62.20%. Here airport transfers are included & it offers a free highlight tour.

Holiday Inn, SunSpreeResort in Montego Bay, Jamaica – It is an all-inclusive resort offering a discount of 60.0% on advance booking.

Sunset at the Palms in Negril, Jamaica – This all-inclusive resort was nominated by the World Travel Award as Jamaica’s & Caribbean’s Leading Boutique Hotel. It not only offers 55.5% discount but also a free airport Transfers & a highlight tour!

Grand Lido Negril Resort & Spa in Negril, Jamaica – This is one of the most luxurious all-inclusive resort providing you with all you need to spend a beautiful and a memorable vacation and with the best tropical attractions. Advance booking saves 55.0%.

Jewel Dunns River Beach Resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica – This is an All inclusive Adults Only hotel where you can save 51.20%. Airport transfers & a free highlight tour are included.

Wyndham Nassau and Crystal Palace Casino in Nassau, Bahamas – This mesmerizing resort offers a discount of 45%.

Now Larimar Punta Cana, at Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – It is an All-inclusive resort where one can avail a discount of 37%.

Viva Wyndham Fortuna in Freeport, Bahamas – With the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Summer Discount one can save 33.30%. You can bring Up To 2 Children for Free.

Riu Negril in Jamaica – This All inclusive resort offers a discount of 23.41% with Airport Transfers & a highlight tour free.

Riu Montego Bay in Montego Bay, Jamaica – With advance booking in this all inclusive resort you can save 23.34%.

Club Ambiance Beach resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica – This is an all-inclusive Adults only resort where you can avail a discount of 18% on advance booking.

Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands – Advance booking would save you with 15% in this resort.

Jakes Resort in South coast, Jamaica – You can enjoy your heart out in the tropical vacations to Jamaica. Advance booking in this resort will save 10%.

This is not over yet, the vacationers can also enjoy the benefit of saving 6% on the selected tours mentioned below:

In Jamaica (St. Ann)
Ochi Highlight Tour in Ocho Rios
Cruises & Excursions on Cool Runnings Party Boat Tour with Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios
Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour

In Bahamas
Pirates of Nassau in St George
Cruises & Excursions in The Blue Lagoon Island in Nassau
Garden & Plantation Tour in Nassau
2 Hour City Tour in Nassau
Powerboat Adventure to Exuma

In Mexico
Nature Adventure Tour, Xplore in Cancun
Chichen Itza Maya Ruins in Yucatan
Tulum and Xel-Ha in Cancun

In US Virgin Islands
Island Tour in St Thomas

Top Spa Destinations in Asia

It’s an incomparable experience. Being pampered at a spa in an exotic tropical country, with people waiting on you, bringing you soothing tea, massaging your tired muscles, and making you feel like a new person in ways you could never imagine, will be the highlight of your vacation-indeed, of your entire life.

What makes these rejuvenating treatments so refreshing is that many of the spa treatments, including therapeutic massage, are actually rooted in thousand-year old traditions that are highly spiritual, and often taught in Buddhist or Hindu temples far off in the misty mountainside regions of Southeast Asia. It’s not just massaging a knot out of your shoulder-the spa treatments you’ll find here are for both body and mind. A few treatments really can change your whole outlook on life. It will make you want to quit your job and move to a tropical island.

A shock to the senses

If there were truly a Fountain of Youth, it would be in a place like Thailand, Bali, or Maldives, where exotic facial treatments bring out an inner glow and youthfulness that is like none other. Before you walk in the door though, you have to be prepared for what is to come. You will go from relaxation to shock, and maybe even a little pain, then back to relaxation, and finally, bliss. In Thailand for example, the traditional Thai massage is usually accompanied by traditional music, the washing of feet, and some soothing ginger tea. The massage starts out gentle but quickly goes deep-and don’t let the little 90-pound lady administering the massage fool you. She possesses great strength that seems almost impossible for someone her size. Your masseuse will quickly sense exactly where your tense spots are and will go to work on them, and just when you think you can’t take it any more, you’ll discover that you feel better than you ever have in your life.

The Balinese approach is quite different, but no less jarring. You will find a wide array of exfoliation treatments that use seaweed, coconut husks, sandalwood, and other abrasive materials, with techniques that often incorporate Eastern and Western techniques.

The Spa Experience

The spa experience runs the gamut, offering just about any experience you desire. You can drop into a traditional massage place anywhere in Thailand for a two-hour session, or you can go for an all-inclusive weekend at one of the amazing boutique hotel resorts in Bali, India, Maldives, or on a tropical island off the coast of Thailand, which include full packages that go far beyond the massage and therapeutic treatments to include jungle treks, healthful local food, yoga classes, and sumptuous ocean-front rooms.

Your Asian vacation is all about you getting a little “me” time. Naturally, you’ll want to take time to sightsee, to shop, and to take in the local culture, but vacations can be frenzied. A week of unfettered tourism, however exciting, can be physically draining. There’s no better way to balance that hectic activity with a weekend devoted to wellness, rejuvenation, meditation, and pampering.

The Asian approach to the spa experience is one of well-being. It’s all about restoring balance in your life physically and mentally. And what’s more important is that your transformation needn’t stop when you go back home. When your vacation is over, you will retain a sense of well-being. During your stay, you will have glimpsed into a less stressful way of life that you can carry with you forever-or at least until your next trip to Asia. The spa treatment goes beyond the physical-you’ll learn something too, about healthy living and minimizing stress, and you will get an opportunity to truly focus on what is most important in your life.

You Are what you Eat

A big part of any vacation is food, and the spa practitioners understand very well that what you eat will have a big impact on how you feel. Most Asian spa resorts will have a heavy focus on healthful and delicious foods. Even the smaller massage spots will highlight your experience with a hot cup of ginger tea, which has a remarkably healthful effect and is quite soothing. The weekend spas will delight your palate with a wide array of local fresh foods, tropical fruits and expertly-prepared meals designed not only to taste good, but also to enhance the healthful and rejuvenating experience. After all, enjoying the healthful spa treatments and following it up with a big fat fast-food burger defeats the point of the whole experience.

The foods will cleanse you and restore a healthful balance, and maybe even give you a few menu items to take back home. The exotic tropical fruits are a special treat-take time to savor the delicate, sweet flavors of the lichi, jackfruit, rambutan and mangosteen. Many of these fruits have been used locally for hundreds of years for cleansing and healing. Even fruits that you’re used to in the west, like pineapple, take on a whole different character in tropical Asia. A fresh pineapple, picked that day at the peak of ripeness, is sheer delight. You’ll never want a supermarket pineapple again.

Family-Friendly Spas

A spa weekend in Asia is by design self-indulgent, but it can be self-indulgent for the entire family. Large and comfortable family suites are widely available, and many of the spas in prime resort towns feature plenty of family-friendly activities, and treatments designed especially for children and teens.

Take it home with you

Your Asian spa experience isn’t just for the weekend-it can last you a lifetime. The treatments, massages, meditations, and organic foods you will be presented with will rejuvenate you, and you’ll walk away feeling more alive than ever. But beyond that, when you go home you will have learned some things, too. Many of the spas also incorporate optional classes, so you can learn some of the basics of various meditation techniques, yoga, and healthful cooking. When you return home, you’ll be a different person-more relaxed, more knowledgeable, and less stressful. And you can share a little bit of that with your friends.

Relax, Exercise and Revitalize Yourself in a Swim Spa

For many centuries the forces of water have shaped our world in many ways. The same force and power can now be created in a home environment in the form of a swim spa. Swim spa pools are an ideal place to relax, heal and stay fit. It combines the aspects of a hot tub, home gym and swimming pool in a single place and equipment. By harnessing the power of moving water, you can easily shape your body and soothe your soul at any hour of the day. Swimming is the most practical activity in terms of daily exercise. Many doctors recommend it as the preferred exercise regime for relaxation, recovery or rehabilitation.

Our daily activities and mundane life creates a lot of stress on our mind and entire body. In such cases, it is beneficial to have a place where you can enjoy the advantages of soaking yourself deep in warm water to experience sheer relaxation and comfort.

What exactly is a Swim Spa?

Both the aspects of hot water tub and a swimming pool are combined in single equipment for rejuvenation and relaxation purposes. These hot tubs have the water therapy jets that help you exercise and stay fit. Warm water propelled by the water jets in such exercise pools enhances your blood circulation and relaxes all your body muscles. Nonetheless, it all depends on one’s personal preference whether he or she wants to swim, exercise, run, jog, walk, train, or remain afloat with the help of these water jets.

Swim spa can be set up anywhere in your home. If you are looking out for complete privacy with some personal space and good music, indoor spas are the best options for you. But, if you are a person who does not stick to your regular schedule and want to enjoy an open environmental activity, then exercising in an outdoor spa with nature and surroundings could be an ideal option for you.

Now-a-days, most of the spas are equipped with an in-built underwater treadmill. Such tubs operate either on electricity, natural gas heaters or solar hot water systems that can control hot water temperatures in the overall system. Also, there are many other spa companies that cater accessories like water games, water training systems, storage racks, tropical spa beads, and spa railings for users to enjoy a thorough pool experience. Generally, spas available on the market come in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes, they are also available with attractive embellishments like under water lighting’s, waterfalls, and entertainment systems.

So, you have plenty options, varieties and kinds to select your spa pool just before you plan to buy it. These equipment’s are cost-effective as compared to swimming pools, plus you benefit all the three aspects like therapy, exercise, and recreation in a single package.