Exotic Spas of Samui

Koh Samui is an island in Surat Thani province, situated on the east coast of Kra Isthmus, Thailand. It is one of the loveliest beaches in Thailand. It is popular for its natural beauty, that comprises of charming waterfall, moving coconut trees, sandy beaches, succulent lagoons and the incredible corals. For the past some years, Samui has turned into one of the leading spa spots in the region. More and more spas are setting shop in Samui every year, due to which a Samui Spa Association has been established. Its job is to protect the honor of the island and retain its high standard. These spas will definitely make you feel lighten up, youthful and recharge your inner self.

Swasana Spa

If you think you have to ease the speed of life, then it is important that you produce some room for yourself and give some time by yourself. In order to restore the lost zest for life, the Swasana spa is one of the must-visit places. It is an actual boutique spa. Swasana spa provides the highest level of spa treatment at an economical price. You are sure to be rewarded with a memorable experience, irrespective of you spending some time in the spa’s garden or in the air-conditioned room. The treatment blends the best and the world famous spa recipes at the famous Tamarind restaurant.

Prana Spa

Prana spa is located in the lovely Tongsai Bay Resort, overlooking its personal private spa. Three spa suites are fitted with their own cottages offering highest privacy. Each cottage is fitted with its own treatment and message beds, herbal steam room and open air floral bath. At Prana, natural components and local herbs like Samui Sun Soothe and fresh coconut oil are used to offer soothing body treatments. The package “return to Prana” which is particularly meant for couples comprise of a case of soothing experiences like putting on Honey Bath Cream on each other.

You will feel the opulence of paradise in this spa. The treatment rooms are totally air-conditioned to offer highest comfort, and located in the middle of the tropical flower gardens. The rooms use different kinds of furnishings and colors, each representing another season. The oil message therapy at the spa gives you a choice of 16 different oils from which you can choose. All the therapists are experts and know what is right for you. This world-class spa is fitted with all the facilities that you would encounter in a big spa like bathtubs, steam room and Jacuzzi. The best treatment in this spa is the Hot Stone Message, where hot stones are kept on different energy centers of the body to detoxify and rouse your system.

There are various other exotic spa choices like the Peace Tropical Spa and the Tamarind Spring, famous amongst the tourists who come here from all over the world. They use the services of these exotic spas and go back feeling better, more youthful, recharged and active. There are lots of hotels in Samui, but Park Samui Hotel is the best.

Resort Spas – The Perfect Antidote to the Post Holiday Blues

Despite all our good intentions, the holidays can be downright draining and leave us feeling a bit overwhelmed and under-rested. There are many ways to unwind but there is nothing like an exotic spa resort vacation to melt away any lingering post-holiday tension. Sometimes you just need a vacation in order to recover from your vacation! Many luxury spa resorts exist but we hand-picked a few goodies just to share with you.

Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos
This award-winning holistic spa is located in beautiful Turks & Caicos. Villas and rental residences have wrap-around, floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing the island’s natural beauty and breezy porches with stunning views of the water or gardens. This luxury Caribbean resort offers abundant activities above and below the water including day excursions around the islands.

The spa itself features traditional and Eastern-style massage as well as natural anti-ageing treatments. Pilates and yoga classes are complimentary for all guests. Or make the most of your Caribbean vacation with a yoga retreat to restore your body and mind.

Banyan Tree Spa, Seychelles
Coined the first luxury spa in Asia, the Banyan Tree Spa has multiple locations throughout Asia and Indonesia. Spa therapists are trained at the Banyan Tree Spa Academy in Phuket ensuring high standards of quality and consistency across all locations. Banyan Tree takes a whole-health approach to physical, mental and spiritual renewal with ancient health and beauty practices passed down over several generations.

The Banyan Tree Spa in Seychelles, located about 1000 miles east of Kenya in the Indian Ocean, this popular vacation destination is nestled amid a lush tropical forest flanked by an exquisite granite mountain backdrop. The resort occupies its own private cove next to the water. Guests can enjoy plenty of privacy with secluded villas, some with their own pool.

Kamalame Cay, Bahamas
Kamalame Cay is a private 96-acre hideaway just off the coast of Andros Island in the Bahamas and is only accessible by the resort’s own private seaplane or ferry. Guests can enjoy three miles of soft sandy beaches, a fresh-water swimming pool, and delectable Caribbean cuisine prepared right on site. There are 19 stylish accommodations ranging from marina rooms to spacious cottages and villas.

Activities are coordinated throughout the day and there is a weekly Bahamian-style banquet with live music. The spa offers a nice refuge with professionals working around the clock. Weekend wellness packages are a perfect way to sample a little bit of everything for the ultimate Bahamas vacation.

Spa Grande, Maui
The Spa Grande at the Grand Wailea resort is a 50,000-square facility and is consistently rated as one of Hawaii’s top luxury spas. If you’re planning to travel to Hawaii this year, this Maui resort is not to be missed. The Spa Grande’s menu includes five aromatic baths and unique Polynesian beauty treatments to unite wellness, beauty, and nature.

The resort features comfortable and well-appointed suites and villas, the latter of which feature fully equipped kitchens, private elevators, and attached garages. These Maui accommodations boast dramatic water views and have all the conveniences of home, ideal for long-term stays and yet perfect for short romantic escapes.

Angsana Great Barrier Reef
Travel to Australia to experience the Angsana Great Barrier Reef, which is located next to the oldest rainforest at the world’s longest coral reef. The Angsana is the only resort in Palm Cove that fronts the Coral Sea. This Australia vacation spot’s natural beauty is complimented by it’s abundance of indulgent amenities such as beach hammocks, three swimming pools, and luxury suites.

The spa embraces the contemporary, holistic and non-clinical tropical garden spa concept and offers invigorating treatments and “sensory experiences” in a tranquil environment. Guests can receive pampering in serene open-air pavilions or in private air-conditioned indoor rooms.

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The Six Best Thailand Resorts and Spas

Thailand has always possessed a strong sense of mysticism and natural healing through the variety of available yoga and meditation options. This becomes apparent through the many spas and resorts that can be located throughout the country. Below you will find an array of worthy health spa and vacation resorts, which accommodate a wide range of budgets.

1) The Oriental, Bangkok

The Oriental is considered one of the most beautiful spas in the world from the suites all the way down to the standard room. The spa marks a breakthrough in Asia, which is considered one of the first of its kind. Popular options include the Oriental Massage, as well as the Jet Lag Recovery Treatment. The spa also features a Revitalizing Seaweed Treatment, Essential Oil Massage, Oriental Mud Wrap and the Oriental Herbal Wrap. Average Price: $330-$2200

2) Natural Wing Health Spa

Located a couple minutes from the Bang Por Beach, visitors will find themselves situated about a tropical oasis, surrounded by white sands and lovely views. If you are interested in staying at this location, you will find a satisfying selection of deluxe Thai villas. The resort offers access to a refreshing swimming pool, as well as a top-notch health spa with authentic Thai massage. Additional services offered include yoga, meditation, colonic cleansing, as well as acupuncture. Average Price: $40-90 per day

3) St. Carlos Medical Spa

For those who wish to experience the uplifting properties of traditional Thai medicine, this is the place to seek out. The spa treatment and other therapies have earned a reputation for providing a small slice of heaven to visitors. Once you check into deluxe accommodations, you may explore the open terrace, evening cruise, or delicious international cuisine. One of the most popular packages at this location includes the Honeymoon Package, offering five treatments per day (three primary and two mini options). Average Price: $100-$1500

4) Evason Hua Hin Resort & Six Senses Spa

There are close to 150 luxury, lodging options featured at this resort and spa, which places you in the midst of a breathtaking tropical garden. The private pool villas here provide great views of the Gulf of Siam. Many tourists boast of the superb level of service and amenities offered at this resort, from the lotus pool to the romantic balconies. A popular package option to be on the lookout for is called the Exotic Flower Bath, which includes two hours of a full body, face and scalp massage. Average Price: $125-$425

5) Patong Villa Hote

The Chaidee Spa at this hotel offers traditional Thai surroundings, as well as a satisfying location to let all worries float away. Situated on the tropical destination of Phuket, accommodations are located rather close to the beach. At the onsite beauty salon, you may enjoy facial and foot massages, as well as traditional Thai and Swedish massage. Average Price: $27-$40

6)Pimalai Resort & Spa

There are close to 1000 meters of sand-filled beach land to experience when staying at this resort and spa. Placing tourists in the southern part of Thailand, within the province of Kabi, you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking coastline. Available spa selections include the Pimalai Pampering Package (flower bath and massage); Ultimate Detox Package (flower bath, body wrap, massage); “Koo Rak” Package (body scrub and massage); and Royal “Koo Rak” Package (herbal steam, flower bath, body scrub and massage). Average Price: $250-$2000.

As you can tell, in recent years Thailand has emerged as a spa destination with some of the world’s best spas in idyllic locations at affordable prices.

Why Tropical Vacations Are Relaxing

Taking a reasonable amount of time for oneself is very important in today’s busy life especially if one is part of a stressful work life or routine. Vacations help in reconnecting with oneself, self-discovery and becoming refreshed to meet the new challenges of life.

How Tropical Vacation is an Ideal Vacation?

The best vacations are the ones that help one release all the stresses of life and refresh them from within. For this purpose, tropical vacations are particularly known to be relaxing and refreshing.

Many people use tropical vacations as a remedy when they need good mental relaxation and physical health. Tropical vacations are ideal for relaxing and rejuvenating because of the following reasons:

A Complete Getaway Vacation:

Tropical vacation is a complete getaway vacation because it provides so much fun and relaxing moments while keeping you away from the stressful routine life. The beaches and islands, being far away from the busy areas, eliminate all the worries of the workplace or personal life.

Beautiful Natural Surroundings:

Tropical islands are famous for being beautiful holiday destinations. The blue sky, plentiful sunshine, clear sea water and exotic palm trees add to the beauty of tropical islands. None of these nature’s soothing elements, can be found in big cities or even in country areas. The tropical islands provide one with a peaceful spot far away from the car beeps, hoards of people and nuisance of traffic etc. There are no big buildings, renovations or construction work going around.

Serene Tropical Islands:

There are many holiday destinations that offer exciting and fun activities but none of them provide the serenity of a tropical island. Tropical vacations become a life time experience at the serene and exotic locations.

Nature’s Vitality:

The tropical locations make the best use of the nature’s vitality beams by providing facilities like relaxing spa, lodging with warm balconies and cosiness of sunrooms. One can take part in activities like sunbathing and get oneself energized with the nature’s vitality beams.

Relaxing Spa’s:

The massage experience at a tropical island is much more soothing and different from the well developed city spa, due to the natural surroundings and environment. The visitors can unwind at the spa, enjoy the relaxing massages under the palm trees, and undergo sea stone therapies to release all the stress. This way the beach vacation not only helps de-stressing the mind but also the body.

Relaxing Activities:

There are no big shopping malls, amusement parks, stadiums or major sights visits in a tropical vacation. The activities in a tropical vacation are also very different. The visitors do not indulge in noisy sports. They usually play board games, fishing, swimming, biking, boating, making castles on the sand, reading etc.

The islands usually have wooden cabins that absorb all the noise and provide a natural shade. The visitors can enjoy different indoor activities and games that further add to the peaceful atmosphere. The relaxing and refreshing early morning hikes and walks in the trees is yet another feature that is offered by the tropical locations only.

Minimum Travel and Bookings:

A normal vacation involves making lots of phone calls, catching planes, boarding trains, renting cars, handling extra luggage, finding the right mall or major sight etc. While on a tropical vacation, one does not need to travel a lot. All one has to do, at inclusive resorts, is enjoy the massages, facials, early morning outdoor yoga classes, hikes around the island etc.

Clean and Fresh Environment:

The surroundings for tropical vacations are away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Looking at the blue-green water and sparkling sand or walking on the soft surface of sand is something that one can enjoy only during tropical vacations. The clear, clean and fresh environment brings a feeling of relaxation and peace.