7 Tropical Home Decor Ideas

Imagine coming home each day to a tropical spa retreat.

Wishful thinking?

Not really.

Even if you live in an apartment in the city, you can bring nature into your home. With some clever planning and a little creativity, you can go home to your personal tropical retreat every night.

1. For starters, can you renovate your home?
Parquet flooring, wooden panels on the walls and ceiling would give your home a tropical forest vibe.

2. If renovation is out, can you paint your home? If you are great an painting and drawing, you could paint a tropical forest portrait on the walls of your home. Palm trees, colorful birds, grass, the blue blue sky can decorate the walls of your home. If you can’t draw but know of a great artist, you could get him or her to do the artwork and pay him or her a fee as a token of appreciation.

3. If you can’t paint and can’t renovate and can’t get anyone to do the artwork, you could simply paint the walls white as a blank canvas, and hang pictures of trees and tropical birds on the walls.

4. The tropical forest is characterized by lush plants. Trees. Greenery. That said, the next thing to do is to bring in the plants. Small trees, large potted plants, ferns and every kind of indoor plant you can get your hands on. Line the walls with them. Arrange them in pleasing groups and light them with various lights for a magical feel at night.

5. If you can, get a indoor fountain or a waterfall and position that amongst the plants. Imagine a stream of clear water or a merry brook in the middle of a forest. Or a waterfall. The effect is peaceful. Happy. Spa-like.

6. Use furniture made of wood, bamboo and other natural materials.

7. Cover the floor with mats made of natural fibers.

The result would be a warm, tropical inspired home you can return to after a hard day at work. Now you can indulge in a delightful bath in your bathroom. By the way, all this applies to the bathroom as well. Have plants in the bathroom around the bath tub so it feels like you are bathing in a lake in the forest.

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